Monday, August 4, 2008

Thing #23

YAY.... I finally finished something I started...

1. My favorite part of this experience has been reading other blogs and having people comment on my blog. I even made new friends!!

2. This process showed me what I know about 2.0... what I don't know... what I want to know... and how much there is to know. Very eye opening study!

3. Well honestly the most unexpected outcome of the process was that I stuck with it and finished. I am a strong beginner but a weak finisher. There were things I learned about myself and my procrastination issues. I have set some personal goals that I think will help with this problem.

4. 23 Things was the best summer program I have ever taken. My time was always well spent and I feel that I have learned something that will help me be a better teacher.

5. I would most definitely take another program like this one. I truly hope another one is offered next summer.

6. Infinity Learning

Thing #22

Nings... once again I sit before this computer and am amazed at where technology has gone. I loved TeacherLingo. I got on the Lesson Plans portion and got several great ideas for my math students. They were very hands on lessons and ones that I have never heard of. So, I will check this site often to get ideas.

Again, social networking is this generations way. It is the way they roll as they would say. MySpace and Facebook do have their problems but if used properly it is a way for people to keep in touch with a huge amount of people. Our job force is dependent on networking, this generation will be way ahead of the game as far as I am concerned because networking is a part of them just like checking email... GREAT Thing!

Thing #21

Ok I'm feeling like my SPED students once again. I followed all the directions but my podcasts is lost in syberspace along with some other Things this summer.

My middle school students use this all the time. I intend to get one of the students I tutor to tutor me so that I can use this. My 5th grade niece even told me she could tutor me on this Thing. She sends me her "movies" all the time. How do you think I feel now...

I do think this is a great tool for students and teachers. I can see projects being podcast, I am going to talk to our campus Math Ciss and see what we can come up with for a tech project with my 8th graders in

Thing #20

Also one of my favorite Things we have done. I feel that our district should be a little more lenient with us being able to use YouTube in the classroom. I chose Mathematics & Art as the video to share. I would love to show this on the first day of class to show my SPED students that math is not just about adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing. Math can be art!

Thing #19

WOW... looking back on my notes this Thing was my favorite!! Finally something I was already using. But I found MORE...


Fun- Hairmixer is a blast. When you want a good laugh do this and laugh at yourself...

Health- iMedix is a wonderful site. I have been sick since May and have used this site often to look up my symptons and see what I should do that I was already doing.

Guides and Reviews- I use Citysearch all the time. Just moving into the city two years ago was overwhelming. So I started using Citysearch to find the things I needed to change from Humble to Houston. The rating are always very appropriate.

Maps- My husband is in the land development business and he uses Google Earth often. It is pretty fascinating.

Social- My daughter is addicted to Facebook. I can see why since she can stay connected to all her friends from high school, college, and other areas of her life through the same system.

School- I will tell my friend that teaches SPED LA about One Sentence which you will find true stories told in one sentence. and Comiqs which you take your own photos + doodles + your story = your own comic strip.

Thing #18

Wow It has been a while... I took off from course while I was teaching ESY and shouldn't have!

In the age of financial cut-backs I truly think we are going to be forced to try new "free" things offered for us.

Google Docs- I think this would be wonderful since teachers could collaborate together while working on the same idea, rubrics came to mind. Definitely an alternative to Micro Office which is expensive. I think this is the wave of the future...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thing #17

FRUSTRATED IN MID-TOWN... I thought I followed all the directions for Rollyo's but still can't get mine on my blog. Will keep trying but I'm getting mad at myself and when that happens things really start to fall apart. :(

I can see how Rollyo's could make my life easier. I did my search on teaching students with autism and found wonderful new ideas.